A Fitting

Gone From an Age: A Fitting is a motion-based farce masquerading as a digital art installation. The game is an interactive theatrical performance where the player takes the role of a young woman in front of a large mirror, with an audience watching her in its reflection. The audience and the game itself prompts the player to twist, contort and bend his/her body in order to progress.The piece explores body image, representation of women in media and similarities of: player to game, puppet to puppet-master.

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On September 27, 2012 we shared our second prototype of A Fitting during an open playtesting exhibit. Along with gathering valuable feedback that will help us develop the game we also asked people about what they felt while performing.


-A Fitting: Studio Exhibition, Project Rm, 2012
-Worlds Collide: Fantasy and Reality, GLS Conference, 2013
-Art of Video Games, Pheonix Art Museum, 2013


Although the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, we are forever grateful to our backers and those who helped spread the word.

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