The 3G Student Advisory Team

3g3 The 3G Student Advisory Team (The A Team) were college majors in the IAM Department at Columbia College. Anthony Sixto, Amanda Dittami, Noah Johnson, Elise Motzny, Anthony Lu, James Gordon, (not pictured: Elisa Baker and Steven Crump).
Joined by the G Team, a group of eight high school girls who will also be advising and participating in the 3G Summit in August. The G Team also posts to the blog, and uses other social media tools to help build a Chicago network for youth interested in this subject.


=> Our Game:
==> The Glop Ogos
=> Design Team:
==> Angela, Anna, Anni, DeJa, Kira, Marina, Mary & Melanie
=> Mentors:
==> Tracy Fullerton, Janell Baxter & Amanda Dittami