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BioHarmonious Trailer About the Exhibition BioHarmonious traveled with the Art Works For Change exhibition Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention. The live installation version of the ...

A Fitting

Gone From an Age: A Fitting is a motion-based farce masquerading as a digital art installation. The game is an interactive theatrical performance where the player takes the role of a young woman in fro...


RESTINCT is a collection of short-play games that focus on three characters, tortured by their own perception of reality. The player must attempt to see from each’s point of view by experiencing ...

3G Summit: The Future of Girls, Gaming and Gender

The 3G Summit: The Future of Girls, Gaming and Gender was a visionary 4-day initiative that will convene 50 urban teenage girls with five leading women game designers and scholars for intensive dialogu...


The 3G FAIR SHOT Project joined team of high school girls to learn to use social/mobile media tools to report on how the Office of Civil Rights and Chicago Public Schools are responding to a complaint ...