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Traveling through the continuum, in terms of months, blinks or ideations, I found myself alone with both portraits. Less as mementos to be storaged and more as surfaces to be hidden. The first layer co...

Tarot Card Decks

Tarot card decks designed and handmade by tarot card reader Amanda Dittami. Deck is made from a variety of card decks, texts, soot, and more.


Displayed at the UIC Montgomery Gallery Ward February 12- March 13, 2015

De.Bug Collection

Technically not a bug collection, these errs were once components of a once living and simple whole part. Residing to some in logs these creatures often return null to most.

Pancakes && Booze

Collection of pieces displayed at Reggie’s Rock Club’s 2015 Pancakes & Booze show on February 07.       Interactive painting + sculptures :: Front Interactive painting + ...

pappi Y piggi

pappi Y piggi is a comic strip that touches on themes of consciousness, alcoholism, cute cat, cute paw, and more. Amanda writes and draws the comic, reflecting on the past and taking on a projection of...